About Us

Over 20 years in the making, Del Sur has grown to be one of the most environmental communities and most amazing places to live in San Diego. Del Sur is the final phase of Black Mountain Ranch (BMR).

In 1988, Black Mountain Ranch was purchased by St. Paul Travelers, one of the nation’s largest insurance companies. In 2003, two new partners were added: Standard Pacific Homes, one of the largest homebuilding companies in the country and IHP Capital Partners, an investment firm that provides equity financing for residential developments.

From the very beginning, Black Mountain Ranch (BMR) has been committed to creating a sustainable community. From the mid 1990s on, Black Mountain Ranch representatives met with civic groups and government agencies to lay the foundations of the new community. BMR representatives also met with the Sierra Club, the first time the company took an active and collaborative role in a residential development. Eco-friendly materials, building plans and significant conservation efforts proved to be successful strategies, both environmentally and economically.

Black Mountain Ranch has been honored to create Del Sur, a new type of community that will hopefully inspire other sustainable communities across the country.